Incentive Insights - a DataMatrix division - offers its clients quality, scalable, and highly effective services.

Our innovative approach ensures that clients receive the best industry solutions that include flexible, customized, and accurate incentive program processing, fulfillment, and reporting solutions. We transformed the routine digital rebates and sales incentive program into a refreshingly new platform that offers in-depth customer analysis and engagement insights.

Outsourcing challenging processes has helped businesses grow exponentially. Our solutions are available to businesses in India, Canada, and the US. Plus, the combination of extensive experience, technological expertise, marketing ingenuity, and dedication to excellence has allowed us to become a trusted partner in consumer and sales incentive programs.

Our Rebate Fulfillment & Incentive Management Services

Businesses usually try to do everything in-house with limited resources, which can affect productivity as well as revenue in the long run. Incentive Insights has developed some exceptional solutions to solve the plight of such businesses at an economical price.

DataMatrix aims to offer its clients impressive rebate fulfillment services powered by the latest technologies that help build a list of customized solutions.

  • Rebate Processing and Fulfillment

    The DataMatrix difference offers an innovative approach to rebates. It moves beyond the challenges of the past, providing businesses as well as consumers a range of adaptable, customizable, and innovative rebate solutions – each tailored to fit their business needs.

  • Sales Channel Incentives and SPIFF Programs

    With our customized solutions that combine the aspects of channel sales incentives and SPIFFs for optimum results, businesses can form strong relationships with their sales partners. Our well-planned sales incentive solutions use effective strategies to target the sales chain. Thus, ensuring a high level of productivity that helps grow profit significantly.

  • Product Registration Provides a Vehicle for Consumer Marketing Data Collection

    With our top-notch product registration services, a business can offer its customers valuable services in exchange for the data to be collected. This can help them generate powerful insights that can help the marketing & sales team to build an impactful campaign, thereby driving sales and increasing revenue considerably.

  • Customer Data Collection and Reporting Insights

    DataMatrix provides its clients with highly accurate and top-quality data by combining the latest cutting-edge technology with superior techniques. Our subsidiary – Incentive Insights – offers businesses access to a team of professional data scientists that can help them gain accurate consumer insights.

Why Outsource Rebate Fulfillment & Incentive Management Services to DataMatrix?

  • Our effective and data-driven insights can help maximize an organization's revenue.

  • Our solutions are created to serve a dual purpose; drive short-term sales and strengthen the growth for the long-term.

  • Our rich customer insights will offer clients abundant opportunities to build actionable marketing strategies that power sales channels and boost revenue leading to overall business growth.

Clients Testimonials


"Incentive Insights was the perfect partner for our B2B rewards program. They worked with us every step of the way from concept to fulfillment. They took what would have been an onerous internal team burden and made it turn-key rewards solution. And despite the fact that our rewards program was custom and relied heavily on 3rd party data, Incentive Insights delivered accurately -- on time and on budget."


Marketing Manager, Automotive Aftermarket Manufacturer

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