We are the catalyst that lead the change; offering global business solutions that perform and transform.

With the rapid change in the marketplace, we shifted our focus from catering to large-scale data processing requirements to providing comprehensive back-office processing services. Today, we deliver exceptional services to 250+ global clients.

DataMatrix Technologies – a US subsidiary – was established in 2000 to expand our footprint into the US market, primarily offering medical transcription services.

Over the years, we widened our scope exponentially to offer other services including insurance authorization work, medical billing & coding, financial services, rebate fulfillment services, award/refund issuance, and other incentive programs.

We are a pioneer of advanced technology services and offer our clients dynamic solutions that help them to take their business to the next level of growth.

We offer our clients customized solutions meant to improve their productivity, increase efficiency, and boost revenue.

Our vast experience in the field allows us to craft exceptionally flexible and custom-tailored solutions that help accelerate business growth.

Our extensive range of value-added-services provides clients with everything they require, ranging from medical EHR integration to point and click insurance verification.


To build a highly-effective customized service that will set a standard for future innovations and eventually lead to stronger client relationships.


To be a top-tier technology giant offering our clients innovative and strategically built adaptable solutions to suit their all-encompassing needs.


Quality is the key to our success. We understand the value of quality, and our tools undergo a thorough quality analysis with rigorous testing before they are presented to our clients.


There's rarely a one-size-fits-all tool. In most cases, it's nothing but an advertising gimmick. On the other hand, custom-built solutions are a successful reality. We like to stress the importance of tailored solutions that are specifically customized to fit your business like a glove.


We have always treasured our clients and their values, which helps us understand their need for clarity. Our experience has taught us to respect our clients, so we always keep our clients apprised of the process.


DataMatrix is a flag bearer of Innovation. We provide trailblazing technological solutions that help improve business efficiency.


Core Competencies

Our goal is to create progressive business transcription solutions that help companies utilize all essential information to build competitive strategies. We cover a range of transcribing services - interviews, seminars, presentations, webinars, and other commercial transcriptions. Also, our team of highly skilled expert transcribers can work with a variety of audio sources to transcribe offering accurate and error-free transcripts that are simple to read.
We understand the gravity of increasing volumes and complexity of index data, so we prioritize it with our Benchmark Indexing tool. One of our premier solutions, Benchmark Indexing is a key technological solution for Investment Management organizations. With our innovative benchmark indexing solutions, clients can easily find and integrate available benchmarks for performance and risk analysis.
We know that the data on corporate events is plenty and forever evolving. This valuable data provides insights on clients as well as helps the organizers understand their clients better. Over the years, storing and managing such considerable critical data has become a bit tricky. As such, our financial solutions offer Event Collection services on a budget.

Our Process

DataMatrix Technologies is a leading business solution provider, offering clients across several industries cutting-edge services. Our core services include financial and medical practice solutions, legal transcription and IT-enabled services, software development services, among others.

Our solutions guarantee increased efficiency as well as increased accuracy. This helps boost productivity across all areas of your business. These solutions also help you collect data for developing and implementing future business strategies.

Our Specialties

DataMatrix Technologies clients' span the entire spectrum - from emerging corporate start-ups to large-scale corporate enterprises. Our highly-skilled team is trained in specialties, including:

  • Webinars

  • Interviews

  • Presentations

  • Seminars

  • Events

  • Meeting Notes

  • Conferences