We deliver quality and accurate legal transcription services to our clients along with access to worldwide transcription specialists in key fields.

We understand the complexity of working with large volumes of data generated during a legal case making it exhausting for the legal/litigation staff. We create innovative solutions offering Legal Transcription services to satisfy the diverse needs of all legal professionals. We always thrive on providing our clients with highly-secured services that boast maximum accuracy and quick turnaround time.

DataMatrix’s solutions have been applied to numerous legal specialties. We cover everything from Criminal Law, Commercial Property, Disciplinary Hearings, Family Law, Personal Inquiry, Probate, Tribunals, Public Law, Wills, Adjudication Panel Hearing, and more. We currently provide legal transcription services throughout India and the US.

Our Legal Transcription Services

We excel at legal transcription services, so we came up with uniquely specific workflows for distinct areas. We have three legal transcription services; Court Transcription Services, Legal Conference Transcription Services, and Police Interview Transcription Services.

  • Tribunal & Court Transcriptions

    DataMatrix is authorized to transcribe court proceedings in the US, UK, and India. Our expertise in legal transcriptions has helped us establish a great reputation. We provide high-accuracy and excellent transcribing services that have earned us the trust of both – the courts and our clients.

    We are known for our quick turnaround, quality transcriptions, and affordable pricing. Our transcription services cover witness evidence, legal argument, judgement, discussion after judgement, and complete hearing.

  • Police Interview Transcripts

    DataMatrix has vast experience in Police Transcription services. We have used our expertise to meticulously and systematically transcribe audio & videos for years. Thus, building a strong relationship with legal firms, local authorities as well as government agencies. Our timely delivery of accurate transcriptions has created a bond of trust that enables us to offer the best to both our clients and the police.

    We have worked with numerous clients who needed Police transcription services – such as PACE Transcription, ABE Transcription, Video or Audio Transcription, DVD Transcription, and Police Interview Transcription.

  • Legal Conference Transcriptions

    We offer specialized legal conference transcription services. We guarantee wholly accurate transcriptions made by our expert transcribers. Our focus lies on precision – regardless of the subject or complex terminologies being used.

    We understand the sensitive nature of legal conference transcription that brings us back to our secure solutions and high transcriptions turnaround time. Our professional team has transcription expertise in child protection conferences, personal inquiry, medical negligence pre-trial reviews, telephone conferences, among others.

Why Outsource Legal Transcription Services to DataMatrix?

  • We understand the nature and sensitivity of legal documents and therefore offer 99.99% accuracy with every legal transcript.

  • We ensure that all sensitive data is handled with the utmost discretion.

  • We can transcribe documents, audio, or video files in any format per client requirements.

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